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Move Key Frames in E-SAKUGA: An All New Digital Key Frames Collection

Great for These People!

E-Books Over Paper!

Included Cuts are Several Hundred Times More!

Number of Key Frames in Books
Number of Key Frames in E-SAKUGA

Paper Key Frames Collection

  • Included Cuts: Portion of each cut
  • Timesheet: Extract 1 row
  • Image Size: Small


  • Included Cuts: All key frames of each cut
  • Timesheet: All cuts included
  • Image Size: Large
  • Completed animation included

Low Price

E-SAKUGA has great volume but achieved a significantly low price! We also have sales sometimes. We never increase the price for a premium.

Key Frames Art Book




Key Frames Art Book




Buy, Read, and Move in iBooks.

A free sample can be downloaded in iBooks. Please give it a try.

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